Christmas Greetings from Father Vijay

Dear Donors,

Greetings of joy and happiness from the Mother Teresa Charitable Trust.

How are you all? We are very, very happy, safe and secure. We feel loved and cared for by all of your families. Although God has not given us our own families, you have been our moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandpas and grandmas through this great Trust of Mother Teresa. We are loved, cared for and wanted like all family members, and we are fortunate  to be here. We have been given the greatest family where there are plenty of moms and dads; brothers and sisters; and grandpas and grandmas.

If we are very, very happy today here at the Trust, it is because you and your families’ generosity. We could feel not only your generosity in gifts, but also your love when Russ, Sam and Emily visited us all the way from the United States of America to bestow their love on us. We were overwhelmed by their love and personal care for each on of us. They showed us that we are all one big family. Thank you so much for loving us as Jesus did.

Our hearts are filled with love and joy. We would like to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a bright New Year in 2014. We pray to the Baby Jesus that he may bestow on you and your families the peace that He brought into this world through His birth. We will all pray for you and your families in all of our masses and vigil masses, as well. Kindly pray for us, too, and remember us forever as your children and as your grandparents.

Thank you once again.

With love and prayers,


Father Vijay Mohan Reddy
The children and elderly from the  Mother Teresa Charitable Trust