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Happy Birthday, Annette!

It is easy to melt when you first meet Annette. She’s a curly-haired, toothy two year-old like any other. But what sets Annette apart is her many aunts and uncles; sisters and brothers; and grandpas and grandmas that she has at the Mother Teresa Charitable Trust.


In the fall of 2011, Annette’s mother, Vijayama, was found on the streets of a nearby village. Vijayama was deaf and a mute, struggling to survive. Someone from the village brought Vijayama to the Mother Teresa Charitable Trust, so Father Vijay took Vijayama to a health clinic for a medical checkup. During her checkup, the doctor discovered that Vijayama was four months pregnant, most likely from being raped on the streets of her village.


Vijayama was welcomed to make her home at the Trust, where all of the caretakers helped take good care of her through her pregnancy. On January 6, 2012, she delivered a beautiful, healthy baby that they named Annette after co-founder Russ Lane’s wife. Just six months after giving birth to Annette, Vijayama passed away from tuberculosis. She was buried at the cemetery at the Trust.

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Annette has since been raised by the caretakers and elderly at the Trust. Savitri, the head cook and “mother” of the Trust, has adopted Annette into her family. Obba Reddy, an elderly resident, lets Annette sleep with him at night. She calls him “Ta-ta” translated as “Grandpa” in English. Annette has become the life blood of everyone at the Trust. She is the center of attention and has been loved and accepted into the family at the Trust.



If not the Mother Teresa Charitable Trust, where would Annette be? She would be out on the streets, fighting for her own survival. Today, on Annette’s 2nd birthday, we celebrate her life. We wish her all of the happiness and love that every two year-old should feel, surrounded by the love of her family at the Mother Teresa Charitable Trust. We continue to pray for her to grow in the love of Jesus.




Happy Birthday, Annette!